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Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has called on Britain to relinquish control of the Falkland Islands, known in Argentina as Las Malvinas, accusing Britain of "blatant colonialism." In a post on social media yesterday, they said Argentina had put "considerable pressure" on them by demanding that the islands withdraw from the game under their name, the Islas Malvinaes. Team officials say Argentina has tried to pressure its representatives to play under a different name from that of the national team. Argentina threatened to expel the team from international competition if they played under the name "IslasMalvinaes," a team official said.

Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands on 2 April 1982 and has since sent warships to the remote archipelago. It is the latest in a series of escalating disputes between Britain and Argentina over the islands, which underline the fact that they are not a recognised state by the international community. Argentine forces took power on April 2, and the dispute has escalated since, with both countries sending ships and military personnel to the remotest areas of the archipelago. Argentina invaded them in 1982 after the islanders rejected a request by then British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his government for control of them.

After seventy or four days of fighting, the Falkland Islands were recaptured and given everything they had always wanted.

The Falkland Islands lost their overseas territorial status and became a nation of the United Kingdom, which led to a referendum in 1992. In 2013, residents voted overwhelmingly to retain their status as a sovereign nation - a state - in another referendum, and then form a government over the next 18 months.

Argentina renews its claim to the Falkland Islands and calls on Britain to resume talks on sovereignty. The quarter-final was the first international football match between Great Britain and Argentina to be played after Argentina had been defeated in the Falklands War. Argentina has renewed its claims to the Falkland Islands to demand the resumption of talks on British sovereignty in response to Argentina's invasion of the islands in 1982 and 1983. Argentina renewed its claim on the Falklands to renew its claims on them, to demand negotiations with the US, and later talks on sovereignty, for which Britain has since resumed talks on sovereignty with Argentina.

The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic is one of the southernmost outposts for cricket. Further afield are the Falkland Islands, a small group of islands off the west coast of South Africa, which are even further away from everyone.

The islands were occupied by the British in 1833 and have since been subject to the sovereignty claims of Argentina, which administers itself as an overseas territory. The islands are a self-governing British overseas territory, but are governed by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) and the Falkland Islands government. The British invasion of 1834 and since then the island has claimed sovereignty over Argentina.

The ruling military junta did not believe Britain would try to reclaim the islands, which lie in the middle of the South Atlantic, far from Argentina's territorial waters. On April 2, 1982, Argentina invaded and temporarily occupied the Falkland Islands, a move that successfully diverted public attention from the country's poor economic performance. It took a terrible time, but we knew the British wanted to get rid of it. There was no way in Argentina to explain this move, which many islanders described as political, "he said.

On Brexit, you can be sure that the Falkland Islands Government will continue to work closely with the UK Government to ensure that the interests of the islands within the UK are fully understood. On Brexit, we can assure you that our Falkland Islands Government will continue to work closely with the US Government, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as other international organisations and institutions, and with our partners in the international community, such as the World Bank and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to ensure that the interests of our islands, inside and outside the UK, are fully understood in relation to our future relationship with the UK.

The Falkland Islands will work closely with London to ensure that the interests of the Falkland Islands are taken into account in the Brexit negotiations and that we remain in line with the UK Government's vision for the future of our country and our people.

Together with the Falkland Islands Association, FIG is working closely with the SS Great Britain Museum to create an outdoor photo exhibition that tells the history of the modern Falkland Islands and supports events. FIG has worked closely with the South Atlantic Society and the British Museum to create an Outdoor Photography Project, a series of outdoor photo exhibitions telling our story, and a number of events to support the development of our sport and culture in the region, such as the World Cup in South Africa in 2017. We have worked closely with The Falkland Islands association in partnership with the SS GreatBritain Museum and, more recently, the British National Museum in London to create an outdoor photo exhibition telling our modern history of the Falklands, as well as a variety of supported events and events in our region.

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