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Hundreds of Falkland Islanders rushed to the beach after the island was declared free of landmines, but some died from gunfire. Melting ice in Antarctica and a warming climate are threatening to turn the economic livelihoods of Falkland Islanders on their head, a Falkland Islands representative in Canada says.

Stanley is a small, inhospitable island in the South Atlantic with a population of just over 1,000. In the surrounding waters, the cold Antarctic current over the South Atlantic dominates the climate of the Falkland Islands. Unlike the warm Gulf Stream, which treats Britain as a warm, warm-blooded ocean with warm winds and warm water temperatures, it is exposed to a cold Antarctic stream and becomes small and inhospitable.

The islands are located about 480 km off the coast of Argentina, in the South Atlantic, about 1,000 miles south - west of the Falkland Islands. Argentina had long claimed the islands, which lie about 300 miles off the Argentine coast, but the British prevailed in battles that claimed the lives of 255 Britons and 649 Argentines. After Argentina's defeat in that war, it claimed and still claims Stanley Island, which is three - and - a mile and a half from its coast. In 1982, Britain seized it and expelled the few remaining Argentine occupiers, and since then, Britain has consistently rejected Argentina's claims. Although Argentina showed no sign of abandoning its claims to the Bolivarian Islands or any of its islands outside South America in 2006, they remain under British control.

Argentina's attack on the South Atlantic islands, which initially surprised Britain, established a naval task force to engage the Argentine navy and air force and recapture the islands through an amphibious assault. After the Argentine navy neutralized a British fleet approaching the Falkland Islands, the British refocused their efforts on defeating the troops who recaptured the island.

The ruling military junta did not believe that Britain would try to reclaim the islands, as they were within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Britain had ruled them for 150 years. The elite force had been trained in secrecy and its timetable was cut short when the dispute over the British-controlled islands of South Georgia erupted, where Argentine salvage forces had flown the Argentine flag. In response to the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands, Britain declared its intention to launch the operation to the exclusion of neutral and Argentine ships, on the basis of its sovereignty over all of South America and its territorial rights in the South Atlantic. The Argentine government, but the junta justified the invasions by saying that Argentina had inherited the country from Spain in 1800, citing proximity to South America as another reason.

Argentina requires a landing permit for all scheduled and large aircraft, with individual tickets sold. If you arrive by air to the Falkland Islands, you are likely to have to isolate yourself for 14 days. To use Argentine airspace, a permit is required, which is issued from Argentina, from where they are known in Argentina as Islas Malvinas. British military, and if you do not use it when travelling to or from the Argentine Islands, then you must obtain a landing permit (PPR) from them.

For more information on booking services, please visit the Falkland Islands Tourist Office website. You can also fly on one of the four Britten Norman Islander aircraft operating out of Stanley Airport. Read more about the weather in the country, compiled by travel experts Quickfacts, or visit our website for more information.

The results show a significant range of shifts and show for the first time that the predicted warming due to climate change in the Falkland Islands over the next 100 years can predict significant ranges and shifts, with warming predicted at a rate of 1.5 degrees Celsius per century.

Land birds make up the largest part of the Falklands "bird fauna, and 63 species inhabit the islands, including 16 endemic species. The population consists of a mixture of land birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds of prey and amphibians, and mammals.

Argentine troops invaded, leaving an estimated 13,000 mines on the islands, and there are more than 2,500 mines in the Falkland Islands, less than 1% of which are in Stanley. Argentine forces captured everyone that day, and most people could not identify any of them except the island's name.

British soldiers sailing south a few days later really assumed they were off the coast of Scotland. Britain may have ruled the Falkland Islands for almost 150 years, but it took several weeks for them to reach the cold, windy islands. British warships sailed through the waters of the South Atlantic on their way back to Britain and entered Stanley, a small island about 1,000 miles south of Falklands Island.

The enemy fleet faced the sparsely populated Falkland Islands, known in Argentina as the Malvinas. The Falklands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic, the largest of which are the landings in East Falk and West Falk. They consist of four islands, whose ownership Argentina has long been controversial: South, East, West and South - West.

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